NetrixOne is a group of independent IT professionals spanning multiple areas of expertise

We focus on software development that is tailored to fit even the most complex and sometimes very niche demands of our customers (like network flow analysis or mounting a spectral camera to a drone 🚁😎👌). We have years of experience with big data analysis and interactive data visualization. For our clients we also offer developer-oriented consulting and training sessions.


Here's what we do


  • developer-focused, solve real-world, everyday problems
  • introduce and review latest technologies and trends (Kong, Zeit, CloudFlare, PDF-Chromium, NWJS/Electron, Anychart, Geolocation, 2D DB index, …)
  • help configure proper CI (custom Gitlab runners, docker-compose, docker performance and security tips, …)
  • code review (focus on code quality and security)
  • help establish code review company culture (why, how to write reviews, what to look for, …)
  • server and application monitoring (Zabbix, VMWare)
  • server and network consulting (backups, bottlenecks, hardware, virtualisation, licensing, …)
  • system architecture design (API design, monolith breakdown)


  • complex data processing (like maintaining a huge GeoIP database with historical data and blazing🔥 fast lookups)
  • data visualization (that is actually comprehensible to the user)
  • web/desktop app development (we enjoy building beautiful desktop apps in TypeScript/Node.js/Vue.js - that's not your grandma's UI)
  • cloud service integration (deploy your apps easily to AWS S3, integrate your business with SAP or connect with a payment gateway)


  • performance testing (on-demand tests are great, but we recommend regular checks with performance assertions)
  • security audits (let’s hit that new website, analyze your code, sift through the transitive dependencies and check for security issues in your business workflow)


  • [Programming] PHP: how to design complex application
  • [Programming] Nette: how to create first-class applications
  • [Programming] JavaSript: prototype with Vue.js + Vuex + TypeScript
  • [Programming] Java: Spring Integration deep dive (logging, websockets, stateless retry, performance)
  • [Programming] testing (web) applications effectively: unit/integration/smoke tests
  • [Programming] writing secure code
  • [Tooling] RabbitMQ: performance HiPE (RabbitMQ best practice, performance tips, deploying RabbitMQ with HiPE)
  • [Tooling] Wireshark: tips&tricks for productivity (advanced filters, custom columns, payload carving, working with console)



Our Partners

Freely Agency
Hartmann - RICO
Akademie 42
Kerio Technologies

Past conferences, meetups & talks

🐝 OWASP Brno


This time the local OWASP chapter meeting took place at Impact Hub, Brno.

The meeting offered an evening with 3 talks about bug bounty automation, router exploitation and intro into budget-friendly phishing.

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🐧 Linux Days


The conference meant two days of talks, workshops, booths of various projects (Fedora, Gentoo, Slax, openSUSE,, Python, Mozilla, brmlab, OpenAlt etc.), electronics ham-shack for children, lots of interesting people and lot of new information for free

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🐝 OWASP Prague


Again have the local Chapter leaders Dan Mács and Jan Kopecký organized an event which brought together security professionals and enthusiasts.

The free conference offered both workshops and talks with names like Sebastian Garcia, Veronica Valeros or Michal Špaček and many more. This time we contributed with a talk about current state of messaging protocol security. There is a nice wrap-up post by Stratoshpere folks.

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💧 DrupalCamp CS


Czech community around Drupal CMS holds annually a multi-day event which gives insight into latest news in Drupal development, Drupal community and interesting projects. The "camp" usually takes place on some interesting place in Czechia or Slovakia, so this is also a good chance to get out and see something besides your office.

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🐝 OWASP Prague


Local OWASP chapter organized a meeting at Microsoft Development Center Prague after a short break in their activities, but what a restart this was! The conference brought together both well-known stars in the field and first-time speakers (incl. stuchl4n3k) and overall great selection of topics.

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Open-sourced projects


Simple GoLang tool for domain recon. Several active scanning techniques are employed for this purpose like DNS ping-pong, TLS certificate scraping or WHOIS banner parsing.



Text input augmented with Lexer magic✨ to support advanced search features. Searchbox supports multiple user-defined keywords (filters, variables) and also NOT operator.


IP2Location Downloader

A microservice that regularly downloads IP2Location dump files with a given period.

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Open-sourced organizations

From our blog

SMB: metadata in RPC

This is another article in the series on metadata for network forensics. Today I am going to briefly describe Remote Procedure Calls over SMB.

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SMB: file metadata and metadata files

This article tackles with SMB protocol and metadata hiding in it, often in plain sight. The usual evidence is that files were transferred from A to B and metadata are often ignored because of the juicy payloads.

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Bleeding Edge PHP on ZEIT Now

Today I would like to show you ZEIT Now platform. Well, you've probably heard about it. But, I have some good news for PHP devs. Since June (06/2019) I am working on the enhanced PHP builders for ZEIT Now.

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